Queen Elizabeth: Royal Family has this secret code for when they want guests to leave


Queen Elizabeth and other key members of the Royal Family such as Prince Philip and Prince Charles are all said to share a dislike of one thing in particular. However, a secret code can help get them out of the pickle – and no one else has any idea. According to author Brian Hoey, the Royal Family dislike it when guests stay too long. “Members of the Royal Family, without exception, hate it when guests overstay their welcome,” Hoey wrote in his book Not In Front Of The Corgis.

“They themselves are always punctual in arriving, and just as prompt when the time comes for them to leave.”

However, the Queen and her family have a clever way of dealing with this tricky situation.

“Other quests are sometimes reluctant to go, so the family have devised codes to let their servants know when it is time for the guests to leave,” explained Hoey.

“They summon a butler and ask if the guest’s car has arrived.

“On hearing this the butler disappears for a moment and then announces that Lord and Lady so-and-so’s car is waiting in the drive.

“The royal host then rises and bids the guests farewell, and it’s a very thick-skinned man or woman who doesn’t take the hint after that.

Servants of the Royal Family can be very loyal indeed to their employers when it comes to dealing with their demands.

Prince Philip “employs the most loyal team anywhere in the Household,” Hoey claims, despite his “reputation for being rude and overbearing.”

His servants “will not hear a word said against their boss, and even though he still rants and raves from time to time, he doesn’t bear grudges.

“So they all know that once he has got something off his chest, even when it means they have to stand and take the most appalling abuse, he will forget it the following day – as if nothing has happened.”

The Duke of Edinburgh is also very loyal to his staff which endears them to him, said Hoey.

“His loyalty to them is second to none; unlike some members of the family to whom loyalty is a one-way street,” the author wrote.

“Philip will go out of his way to protect any of his team, from his valets to his most senior Private Secretary, if he believes that they are in the right.

“There is a large turnover of staff in certain offices, but Prince Philip’s team are the longest-serving of any – including that of Her Majesty.”

“And when his chauffeur died in 2011, Prince Philip did not send a representative to the thanksgiving service that was held, he broke with tradition by insisting on attending himself, showing how high a regard he had for the man who had served him loyally for many years.”

Prince Philip does, however, have very high demands when it comes to guests at dinner parties. “When Prince Philip gives a private dinner, he likes to decide the subject for conversation,” said Hoey

One lady was dismayed to find she was expected to contribute on the subject of ‘deciduous trees,’ about which she knew absolutely nothing.”

To make matters tricky for guests there’s a fine line when it comes to knowing too much or not enough. “If guests are not quite as knowledgeable as they should be, the Prince can become very touchy – but if someone is more expert than him it can just as easily ruin the occasion,” said Hoey.


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