Rise of Online Video Opens Up Business for Nokia



Nokia to help improve Telefónica network for video traffic

Telefónica Spain recently adopted Nokia’s (NOK) Deepfield Cloud Intelligence for greater visibility into application and service traffic on its network. With Nokia’s Deepfield, Telefónica will be able to obtain data-driven insight and analytics into its network usage and allow it to automate actions to improve service assurance and performance.

According to Nokia, its Deepfield software provides operators with visibility into cloud applications and video services performance throughout their network. Therefore, Deepfield is expected to help Telefónica better serve customers who stream online videos on its network. Spain is one of the countries where online video consumption is on the rise. According to data from Spanish regulators cited by Nokia, three out of ten households in Spain consumed online content in 2018, translating to around 5.9 million online video subscribers in the country.

Rise of Online Video Opens Up Business for Nokia

Boon for Nokia in the rise of online video consumption

For Nokia, the rise of online video consumption could throw more business its way as operators turn to its Deepfield technology to help improve their network performance to better handle video traffic.

In the United States, several online video services are scheduled to launch in the coming months. Walt Disney (DIS) and AT&T (T) are preparing to launch new subscription video services in the coming months, whereas Comcast (CMCSA) plans to launch a new online video service next year. T-Mobile (TMUS) has also created an Internet-based television service known as TVision. With more online video services launching, Nokia could see more operators adopting its Deepfield solutions, resulting in more revenue for the company.


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