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Rousey, famous for her patented armbar submissions, diverged from the norm and ended the battle by rolling Banks into position for Piper’s Pit, her spin on the Samoan drop. The Boss was held down for the count, then Rousey ran over and kissed her husband, MMA fighter Travis Browne, who was in the crowd. Ronda has previously explained that she would like to have children with Mr Browne but would only do so when she had achieved her goals in the WWE.

For some time, Rousey has spoken of her dream match in WWE; a showdown with Banks.

Now that this ambition has been achieved, it will only inflate rumours that she will retire at the height of her success.

But, Rousey would like speculation about her future in the WWE to stop.

Speaking before the WWE RAW Women’s title fight against Banks the Olympic bronze medallist said: “I honestly don’t know why anyone feels they’re an authority to speak on plans for my uterus.

“It’s my vagina, my life, keep the speculations to yourself. Leave me and my reproductive organs alone.”

The beginning of the big fight found Rousey proving both to Banks and the crowd that she is the dominant wrestler, as she had an answer for everything Sasha could throw at her.

Later in the match, Rousey actually got a tap from Banks but they were on the outside, so the match continued.

They went back to a series of counters and reversals but in the end Rousey pinned Banks clean in the centre to retain the title.

Scott Fishman from TV Insider said: “This was my favourite Ronda Rousey match so far.

“Sasha Banks once again proved she is a top in-ring performer. That was tremendous.”

The lead up to the Rumble began when the former UFC star specifically called out Banks a few weeks ago, and the The Boss obliged.

But The Boss first had to beat Nia Jax to become the No. 1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship, which she managed to do by tapping out The Irresistible Force.

Both wrestlers showed respect after the bout, but tension erupted when Rousey tried to shake hands with Banks.

Banks pulled away her hand and showed the Four Horsewomen Symbol, which could be a signal of things to come.


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