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Flights to Spain are jam-packed with Britons bound for Madrid for a footballing weekend, with the UEFA Champions League madness taking over Madrid. Yesterday saw the busiest ever day for flights as savvy football fans took the day off to travel early. Yet others have plumped to travel today, in the height of the football fever. Both types of traveller have been issued with a stark warning by travel companies, who have flagged the potential for huge fans should Britons not adhere to particular rules.

These relate to travelling in cars, and particular Britons driving abroad.

In the searing heat, they may be tempted to rip off their shirt and drive topless, yet this could be a huge error.

James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles said only a mere nine per cent of Britons were aware that by doing so, they were risking a huge fine.

They told “We all know that footballers receive a yellow card if they remove their tops in celebration.

“But not many of us, only nine per cent in fact, are aware that in Spain drivers can be fined up to €200 for driving shirtless.

“With temperatures set to hit over 30 degrees on match day fans need to be on the ball to avoid fines.

“Drivers must also make sure they don’t drive in flip-flops when in Spain.”

He added: “Fans driving to the final this week must take the time to swot up on local driving laws or risk facing fines for being caught with their shirt off, literally.

“There are simple steps football fans can take before setting off to protect themselves.

“Don’t presume your insurer automatically gives you the same full cover you have at home when you’re driving in Europe. Give them a ring to make sure you have the same level of cover – many drop to third party only once outside the UK.

“Whilst you’re on the phone, check your annual mileage cap too. While Madrid doesn’t seem all that far away, road-tripping fans do risk clocking up too many miles on the journey and invalidating their insurance policies as a result.”



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