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After the shock dismissal of the main villain in The Last Jedi, The Sequel Trilogy needs a ‘big bad’ to provide the grand finale. Yes, Kylo Ren is currently on a downward spiral to the Dark Side, but whether or not he can be redeemed, he surely can’t be the ultimate villain on the grand classic scale of a Darth Palgeuis or Darth Sidious (The Emperor). A new leak builds on previous reports of the return of the Knights of Ren. This is exciting enough, but now it appears they herald the appearance of one of the greatest and most terrifying adversaries in all of the Star Wars Canon and Legends.

Making Star Wars revealed the latest leaks which correspond with expectations that Episode 9 will take the franchise further out in Unknown Space than ever before.

Will JJ Abrams and the filmmakers really bring in the Yuuzhan Vong?

The leak said: “Sometime ago, I spoke to a source about Star Wars: Episode IX who told me that things would get interesting for Kylo Ren when a threat from The Beyond reveals itself, making Kylo Ren vulnerable. This threat would serve as a motivating factor for Kylo and Rey’s interactions as the story progressed but the source wasn’t sure which act it happened in or how it unfolded. It should be noted that a lot of what that source told me, in terms of accuracy, has come to fruition since that conversation. However, with just that info in hand, the understandable but knee jerk assumptions from fans would likely have gone right to the Expanded Universe and The Yuuzhan Vong.

“Now, I think I may have got the information that relieves that ambiguity a bit more.”

The report added: “Very recently, another source with a great track record said it was really important that The Knights of Ren have returned from The Beyond…

“It would seem Kylo Ren is putting together a large force to dominate the galaxy. But the first rumour says that a threat from The Beyond eventually reunites Kylo Ren with Rey.”

Fans will know that a threat on the scale of The Yuuzhan Vong would force everyone to put aside their differences.

Not only did this alien race once wipe out 365 TRILLION (yes, trillion) beings during the first invasion of the galaxy, they are also almost impervious to the Force, rendering Jedi and Sith powers useless.

Something like this would provide a titanic ending to the saga and also set up thrilling future storylines expanding the Star Wars universe beyond its previous limits. Of course, this is all merely rumour and speculation, however strong the sources may claim to be.

It also gives Abrams an even greater task, if he has to not only wrap up storylines from eight previous movies but also introduce an entirely new race and scale of conflict to the story.

Equally daunting is the other interpretation that The Beyond refers to the other plane of existence, beyond the veil. Is this where Yoda, Luke and other Force Ghosts now exist? Is this where the Whills come from? It also has Dark Side connotations, since the Acolytes of the Beyond worship fallen Sith who they believe still contact them from the other side.



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