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He’s the only actor to have played his Star Wars character in all nine episodes of the Skywalker saga. Not only that, he’s had a role in every Star Wars movie to date including Rogue One, where he cameoed as C-3PO, and Solo in which he was a slave called Tak in the spice mines of Kessel. And now Daniels has announced that he’s wrapped on Star Wars Episode IX. Taking to Twitter last night, the 72-year-old wrote: “Today was 3PO’s last on Episode IX. He’s sad – so am I.”

Daniels added: “But we’re so proud to have worked with such a lovely, talented cast & crew lead by JJ & Kathy.

“I’ll miss everyone but I’m glad to know that we’ve been making something exceptional together, to share with the waiting world.”

But with the end of the Skywalker saga in Episode IX, is this Daniels’ last time playing the droid?

Certainly he said he’s sad, but of course, there’s room for C-3PO to return in spin-offs like Rogue One isn’t there? That is unless he’s saddened because the droid dies in Episode IX?

Nevertheless, Episode IX’s title should be imminent considering when The Last Jedi’s was announced.

The announcement was very much a sudden drop and surprised fans a couple of years ago.

But just what could Star Wars 9’s title be?

Star Wars Episode IX will be released in UK cinemas on December 19, 2019.


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