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Startup uses algorithms to suggest who ought to be in movies - WCBI TV 1

Can A.I. help Hollywood make movies?

The right casting decisions can make or break a film. Now the process is getting increasingly high-tech. Startup Cinelytic uses algorithms to make casting recommendations and try to predict box office results.

Co-founder and CEO Tobias Queisser told CBSN Cinelytic can identify attributes that “drive film performance.” In addition to casting, that can include a film’s genre and whether a script is based off of a book or part of a successful franchise. He said the company then uses historical data and artificial intelligence to try to figure out how a film will perform.

But the choices are not always obvious. For example, Queisser said not every film will have the budget for A-list talent. It’s up to each producer to find the suitable choice for their specific project.

“Let’s say a producer comes to us and says, ‘Hey, I really like these five or six actresses or actors for my lead.’ And then, you know, based on him or her liking them in the creative way, we can supplement that decision,” Queisser said.

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He said the company isn’t taking jobs away from casting directors. Instead, he said his company is simply providing data. Film executives will still have to make the final decision.

“If you look into other industries, data and analytics is very normal, whether it’s retail or pharmaceutical. Everybody in business uses data to make better decisions. And in the film industry, that trend hasn’t happened just yet,” Queisser said.


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