State pension age: What is current state pension age in the UK? How to check for 2019



The state pension is a fund which is given to those who are eligible to claim it, and can be used as a form of financial support during one’s retirement. However, in order to get the state pension, a person must have reached the state pension age. In the past, this stood at 65 for men and 60 for women. However, the state pension age has been rising, leaving many Britons wondering what the state pension age is these days.

State pension age “equality”, was reached in November last year, with the rise seeing state pension age becoming 65 for both men and women.

However, changes were still ahead, with the age continuing to increase.

By October 2020, the state pension age for both men and women is expected to stand at 66.

And, further increases could be in store between 2026 and 2028, with this age possibly set to rise from 66 to 67.

The state pension age will be kept under review, so it may change again, depending on factors such as changes in life expectancy.

In order to work out your state pension, it may be worth paying a visit to the government website.

There, you can use a calculator in order to check your state pension age.

All you need to provide in order to do this is your date of birth, as well as say whether you’re a man or woman.

There are two types of state pension currently available, known as the basic state pension, and the new state pension.

If you are a man, and born before April 6, 1951, you can claim the basic state pension.

Meanwhile, women born before April 6 1953 also qualify for this type.

The full amount you can get from the government via the basic state pension is £125.95.

However, in order to qualify, you must have paid or been credited with national insurance contributions.

Men born on or after April 6,1951, and women born on or after April 6 1953, should be able to claim the new state pension, once they’ve reached state pension age.

You’ll usually need at least 10 qualifying years on your national insurance record, however these do not need to be in a row.

The full new state pension currently stands at £164.35 per week.

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