State pension: How much of my pension will my spouse inherit if I die?



The state pension can be inherited from your spouse if they die, but only under certain conditions.

Of course, many choose to take time off work to raise a family while their partner works.

But are you entitled to the state pension they have contributed to?

The government states that you “might” be able to inherit an extra payment in addition to your new state pension.

If you are a woman born before 6 April 1950 you will still get some state pension if you have worked a minimum of 10 years, however it is less than the full amount.

You may be able to inherit additional state pension to top up your own if you are a woman born before 6 April 1953.

The additional state pension is part of your partner’s pension, which you can inherit if they die.

The maximum you can inherit is 50 per cent of your spouse or civil partner’s second state pension.

However, if your partner had the SERPS pension (the State Earnings Related Pension Supplement, which was pension arrangement which employees and employers paid into between 6 April 1978 and 5 April 2002) the rules are different.

According to the government website if your partner died before 6 October 2002, you can inherit up to 100 per cent of their SERPS pension.

However, if they died on or after 6 October 2002 the amount you can inherit depends on when they were born.

If your spouse was a man and was born between 6 October 1937 to 5 October 1939 you can get 90 per cent.

If they were a womanwas born between 6 October 1942 to 5 October 1944 you can get 90 per cent.

However, this drops quickly to only 50 per cent.

If your spouse was a man who died on 6 October 1945 or after, or a woman who was born on 6 July 1950 and after, you will inherit 50 per cent of their SERPS pension.

The government website states: “The maximum amount of Additional State Pension you can get is £172.28 per week.”

It adds: “You can’t inherit your spouse or civil partner’s Additional State Pension if you remarry or form another civil partnership before you reach State Pension age.

“The date you reach State Pension age also affects whether you can inherit Additional State Pension.”

How will the state pension age change in 2019. 

The government states the pension age is gradually increasing for women from 60 to 65.


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