State pension: When can I claim? Will state pension age rise?



The state pension is something that Britons can claim once they have reached retirement age.

This is on the condition that they have made enough national insurance payments.

When can Britons claim their state pension currently?

Will state pension age rise again the future?

Experts at PensionBee told “Recent state pension changes have replaced the two-tier state pension with the single state pension.

“You now need 35 years of National Insurance contributions to get the maximum state pension, which is currently £164.35 per week (2018/19).

“The State Pension age is also going up.”

The state pension has changed a lot in recent years, with the government introducing an overhaul to the system.

It has also raised the state pension age.

What are the recent state pension changes?

The pensions experts said: “On 6 April 2016, some significant changes were made to the state pension.

“Previously, there was a two-tier state pension: you could get the full ‘basic state pension’ if you had at least 30 years of National Insurance contributions, and then depending on your level of National Insurance contributions, you may have been eligible to receive some ‘additional state pension’.”

Now, this system has now been replaced with a single ‘new state pension’.

You can receive this if you’ve paid National Insurance contributions (or received credits) for at least 10 years, but you’re only eligible for the full amount if you’ve paid contributions for at least 35 years.

PensionBee said: “It’s worth pointing out that you can still earn an income once you reach state pension age, as you don’t have to stop working.

“If you decide to stay in employment, you can delay claiming your state pension by a few years, which could help you secure additional money when you choose to retire.”

When can I claim the State Pension?

The age at which you can claim the state pension is rising.

“For many years it was 65 for men and 60 for women, but by the end of 2018 the State Pension age for women will rise to 65,” PensionBee experts explained.

“It’s increasing further for men and women to 66 by 2020 and 67 by 2028.

“Over the next few decades it’s expected to rise again until eventually it’ll be calculated based on average life expectancy.

“People in their twenties today are predicted to have a State Pension Age of at least 68.”


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