Staycation destinations off the beaten path



CALGARY (660 NEWS) — If you want to escape the crowds this summer, consider a ski hill.

Calgary travel writer Jody Robbins says people rarely think of traditional winter destinations, but they have a lot to offer.

“The ski resorts are a fabulous place to go to, to escape the crowds in summer,” said Robbins. “You can pretty much always get parking and there’s not that many people hiking on those trails.”

You can also get the mountain town feel, by visiting a gem in west central Alberta.

“Sundre is a very overlooked destination, but it shouldn’t be. So, it borders Banff National Park, and if you’re into camping there are 2,000 managed campsites within 10 minutes of the town, and even affordable hotels, like the Mountain View Inn.”

Robbins adds, you’re spoiled for choice for activities. “An 18 hole golf course, there’s fantastic rafting along the upper Red Deer River with Mukwah Rafting. If you are into horseback riding, there are a lot of trail rides you can do there with Sunset Guiding, and there’s plenty of just little hiking trails around town.”

You can find out more on Jody’s blog Travels with Baggage.



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