Strictly Come Dancing: Stacey Dooley ‘ECLIPSED’ Kevin Clifton, body language reveals



Stacey Dooley took to the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor for the first time alongside professional partner Kevin Clifton, 35, to perform the Quickstep last Saturday night.

Stacey, a TV presenter, is currently the favourite to win with pro Kevin by her side – so much so, her fellow contestant Katie Piper has praised the dancing duo – but what does Stacey’s body language with Kevin really say?

Body language expert Judi James analysed both dancers and shared her verdict on the unusual choice of dance and Stacey’s real feelings.

“Nobody in their right mind would want the Quickstep as their first dance on Strictly,” Judi told

“In body language terms the whole ritual is counter-intuitive with your feet striking out steps at the speed of light while the rest of your body has to remain in what is a weird cross between rigid, static and fluid as though ignoring all the action that’s going on closer to the floor.”

Stacey may have seemed nervous at the start but ended up “eclipsing” her professional partner, Kevin.

“There were some hints of the nerves Stacey was feeling at the very start as she seemed to look down a little,” said Judi.

“But then she bravely launched herself with gusto, moving with so much energy and enthusiasm that theirs was the only routine of the night where the professional partner seemed eclipsed by their celebrity.”

Stacey’s body language showed she genuinely enjoyed her dance, unlike many first-timers.

“Her splayed poses during their separated sections were very modern, more like Fosse musical routines than ballroom froth,” Judi explained. “But she did quickly show signs of genuinely enjoying herself out there rather than ticking each step of consciously as a lot of newbies do.”

Judi added: “Stacey sounded very self-effacing which might suggest the scoring wouldn’t have affected her but after giving it her all like that and in competition with celebs that have a background in dance I would hope she is resilient enough in terms of not allowing it to compromise her natural enthusiasm and talent out there on the dance floor this evening.”

Fellow contestant Katie Piper has also shared her thoughts on the pairing of Kevin and Stacey.

In a conversation with TV Times, Katie revealed: “I told Stacey she looked really good with Kevin!”

And it seems Katie isn’t the only one pleased with the celebrity pairing, as Kevin told producers he wanted to be partnered with Stacey as he was a “big fan”.

He told Radio Times: “I think it was maybe two years ago, I tweeted Stacey after one of her documentaries and she tweeted back.

“I’ll be honest, I made no secret of the fact to the producers of the show and was like, ‘If there’s any chance I could be partnered with Stacey that would be wicked because I’m a big fan,’” he revealed.

This week, Stacey and Kevin have been working hard to ensure they impress the judges once more with their Cha Cha Cha on tonight’s Strictly.

However, Kevin told BBC Two’s It Takes Two that Stacey wasn’t a fan of their second-week dance and explained: “I don’t know if Stacey’s on board with the Cha Cha Cha if I’m honest.”

And Stacey added: “I just can’t remember anything. Straight legs I find tricky. As soon as I find myself concentrating on making sure the leg’s straight, the routine itself falls out of my mind.”

Stacey is currently the favourite to win this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Coral bookmakers have slashed her odds of winning to just 4-1 and she is closely followed by Ashley Roberts and Joe Sugg at 5/1.

Harry Aitkenhead, a spokesperson for Coral, said: “Stacey was very popular last weekend and is now our favourite.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 continues tonight at 6.30pm on BBC One.


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