The 10 most stylish hats in genre movies and TV



Style etiquette used to dictate that a hat should be worn on a daily basis; if you wore the wrong season, it might lead to violent riots. Those days are thankfully long gone, but there are still plenty of reasons to opt for headwear. A signature accessory is one way to visually enhance your brand, setting you apart from the crowd when it used to mean conforming. Alternatively, a plain cap can help conceal identity, particularly if Joe on You is anything to go by. 

The setting may be fantastical in genre movies, but it doesn’t mean the clothing decisions are any more outrageous that in the real world. Hats are still vital whether magic is present or not.

Certain styles come with expectations pertaining to the kind of job or powers the wearer has. Some are more defined than others; a conical wide-brimmed hat is a sure sign of witchcraft, while a fedora has many connotations across a variety of settings. Deerstalkers were made famous by Sherlock Holmes, so anyone choosing this particular approach is going to immediately conjure images of investigative work. 

Even though hats are no longer as ubiquitous as they once were, there will always be a place for millinery in both film and fashion. So whether your own personal style is hat-centric or not, it is hard to imagine the following characters without their signature accessory. For inspiration or to simply relive these memorable moments, check out some genre hat highlights below. 


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