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They broke up almost 50 years ago and half the band have sadly died, but that doesn’t stop Sir Paul and Sir Ringo occasionally teaming up. Last month Sir Paul performed his last live show of 2018 at The O2 Arena. The former Beatle has been on tour to support his latest solo album Egypt Station and surprised fans by inviting The Beatles drummer Sir Ringo – alongside The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood – onto the stage for a surprise five-song encore. The last time the two surviving Beatles performed live together was in 2015 when Sir Ringo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio – so it’s not exactly a common occurrence. Now Sir Paul’s official biographer Barry Miles, who is heading up The People’s Beatles project to archive fan photos from the sixties, has revealed what it takes to get the surviving Beatles back performing together.

Miles told “It wouldn’t take money, it would just probably be a charity that they both supported because they both give a lot of money away, particularly Paul – but he keeps very quiet about it.

“I could see that if it was something they both really believed in, that they might do something like that. But I don’t think it’s necessary really.

“The idea of a Beatles reunion is a myth. It’s just been so long, there is no Beatles left really, particularly with John and George dead.

“I can see that they might play on each other’s albums or something.”

Miles said: “I remember just a few years ago when I was at his studio, he asked one of the roadies to go out and buy him a bottle of whisky, because he had people coming over, and he gave him £2.

“And the roadie said, ‘Well it’s gone up since then Paul.’”

Defending his friend Sir Paul, he said: “In the end, you can’t be normal.

“You can’t be that famous for that many years and still be in touch with ordinary people.”


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