The more a county went for Trump in 2020, the more its vaccinations lagged

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Welcome to today’s edition of the Florida Coronavirus Watch Newsletter. Let’s get you up to speed with the latest news of the day from the USA TODAY Network — Florida.

Today’s overview

  • New cases: 2,893
  • New deaths of Florida residents: 76 (36,347 total)
  • New hospitalizations: 217 (93,815 total)
  • Total cases: 2,302,489
  • Total vaccinations: 7,792,426
  • Daily percentage positivity rate: 3.92%
  • As always, you can access more of the latest updates in Florida here.

Here’s what’s happening around the state

  • Analysis: In-depth data analysis by the USA TODAY Network — Florida shows a county’s 2020 presidential pick is an outsized factor in its share of residents who have received a COVID-19 shot. Read the full in-depth analysis, for subscribers.
  • By the numbers: Florida’s daily percentage positivity rate has dipped below 4%, according to the Florida Department of Health.
  • Doctor’s advice on mask changes for parents with unvaccinated children: As mask requirements fade and pre-pandemic normalcy starts to return, parents with unvaccinated children have been left wondering how to protect their families. Dr. Sonja Rasmussen, University of Florida professor of pediatrics and epidemiology and a 20-year veteran with the CDC in Atlanta, has answers.
  • Younger COVID-19 patients regret not getting vaccinated: Nurses who care for struggling COVID-19 patients at a Florida medical center have a message — and a warning — for teenagers, young adults and middle-aged residents. Get vaccinated. 
  • Pedestrian deaths increase: New data released by the Governors Highway Safety Association for 2020 shows the largest-ever annual increase in the pedestrian death rate since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration established its Fatality Analysis Reporting System in 1975, even despite a drop in driving due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some non-COVID things to think about

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Megan’s note of the day: Some more non-COVID news I figured I’d share: The 2021 hurricane season begins June 1 and it could be another doozy. Here’s a look at NOAA’s predictions, released today. And here’s what else is happening with the coronavirus in Florida today.

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