The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely Cursed



The New James Bond Movie Is Definitely Cursed 1

Daniel Craig.
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Three years ago, everyone collectively decided that they didn’t want Daniel Craig to play James Bond anymore. This included Daniel Craig, who said following the release of the Bond film Spectre, that he would rather “slash” his wrists with glass than play 007 again. To take over the role, people suggested Gillian Anderson, Idris Elba, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Hiddleston — anyone, really, besides Daniel Craig. The Bond creators, in turn, took this feedback and said, “Great, what about Daniel Craig?”

Now, three years later, the set of the 25th Bond film — currently called Shatterhand, and starring Daniel Craig — has been plagued with rewrites, injuries, and literal explosions. According to a report on Tuesday, three large explosions tore through the Bond set in England on Monday following a fireball stunt, seriously injuring one crew member.


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