The Top 5 Movies to Watch on Netflix with an OLED TV



The Top 5 Movies to Watch on Netflix with an OLED TV 1

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The battle between streaming sites and film studios is a heated one, and one that often asks about the viewing experience of the audience. While there is much to be said about the movie theater experience, there are some ways new technology is moving closer and closer to recreate the theater experience- with clear, crisp, and dynamic picture quality right to your home. LG believes that the magic is in the picture itself, and with OLED technology, has created a TV that is optimized for the best theater experience.

The secret to OLED is that they are able to control each individual pixels. Because of this, OLED is a self-emissive display, meaning that it can light itself. This gives it some important benefits such as perfect blacks, wide viewing angles and eye comfort.

Perfect blacks improve the contrast ratio immensely and makes images stand out more clearly, even when watching dark scenes in a bright location. This has been where a lot of other TVs have failed, which causes film quality to look subpar or degrade some gorgeous shots in a movie simply because the color is too dark or faded (we see you Game of Thrones!). I don’t know about you, but for me, the cinematography is part of the experience, and if it’s subpar, I can’t envelope myself in the story. Perfect blacks just make the experience worthwhile and keeps the filmmakers vision intact.

Now, imagine hosting a viewing party for you and some friends. With most TVs, the friends that sit at the side angle, end up not having the same viewing experience as the rest of the group, which can make a party sour pretty quickly- especially if you’re watching a major film or event, like the big game. So why take that risk? OLED screen also provides a clear picture even when viewing the display from a side angle, guaranteeing a great viewing experience from every angle of your home theater or living room.

In this day and age, streaming sites, like Netflix, are producing quality content around the clock, every day of the year. Binge watching has become the new normal, and spending hours consuming a show or two is not so unusual anymore. Personally, when The Haunting of Hill House dropped, I was so obsessed with the show, I had to watch all ten hours ASAP. But, we are all human, and our eyes can take a beating from the consumption of too much blue light that screens emanate. OLED emits less blue light than LCD technology and makes the viewing experience more comfortable with less eye fatigue even when viewing for long periods of time.

That’s right—a TV made for your binge obsessions! So find those faves, plan a weekend of binging without worrying about eye fatigue and enjoy that perfect black screen.

With all the incredible advances in OLED in mind, I spent a day watching some of my favorite films available on Netflix to see just how they looked on the LG OLED 65” 4K Ultra HD

Here are the five best films to stream on Netflix with an OLED TV:


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