The UK’s favourite movie dad



A new survey has revealed the nation’s top film dad, despite some pretty creepy and roundly illegal choices by the winner.

Coming in with 26 percent of the vote is Mrs Doubtfire, the septuagenerian alter-ego of Daniel Hillard, Robin Williams’ character from the 1993 comedy classic.

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As you will recall, the UK’s best movie dad decided to disguise himself as an elderly Scots woman and take a job as his children’s new nanny in order to defy a court-ruled custody agreement and spy on his estranged wife.

Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

There’s some equally top dadding skills from the second best movie father – Darth Vader from Star Wars, with 22 percent of the vote.

His second place billing was achieved in spite of chopping off his son’s hand and slaying his beloved mentor.

These pieces of work are followed by The Lion King’s Mufasa (more like it) at 20 percent, Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills from the Taken movies (hmmm, 17 percent), and Marlin from Finding Nemo (15 percent).

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Making up the rest of the top 10 are Bob Parr from The Incredibles (14 percent) Robert De Niro’s Jack Byrnes from Meet The Parents (Really? 14 percent), Eugene Levy’s Noah Levenstein from American Pie (14 percent), Steve Martin’s George Banks from Father of the Bride (13 percent) and Will Smith’s Chris Gardener in The Pursuit of Happyness (10 percent).

One unforgivable omission from the list, however, comes in the form of Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold from the National Lampoon movies, who does not feature at all in the top 10.

Meanwhile, over a third (34%) of those polled admitted to never watching a film with their dad, with the 11% those only choosing to do so on a special occasion.

The data came from DiscoverLSQ, which will be hosting a special screening of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at Cineworld in Leicester Square on Father’s Day.


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