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Holiday and Travel Insurance expert Rebecca Kingsley revealed that even in the direst emergency situations some insurance policies do not cover early flight returns. Speaking to the Travel Insurance Explained brand manager noted that in the event you have to return from a holiday early because of a death or life-threatening event at home, most policies will not cover the cost. She explained that one subtle difference could be the factor that results in your insurance covering emergency early returns.

Ms Kingsley said: “Most travel insurance policies will have quite a few restrictions.

“They will cover things like death, injury or illness or if your home gets flooded or if you have been called for jury service.

“But they won’t cover for everything, however, and there are very few that will.

“For example things with non-travelling relatives.”

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She continued: “I had an instance where a woman’s mum was at home and she was poorly, they want on holiday and her condition deteriorated and they had to come home early.

“People assume that that cost should be covered but it is actually not.

“It is only covered on very few policies.

“If you went away knowing that you had a relative that was ill and their condition could get worse it is not going to be covered.

“However with some policies they will offer cover if the condition has been stable.

“For example, if your mum has cancer and she has been absolutely been fine for a number of years now, her medication is keeping her stable and then she was to deteriorate, some will cover that but most won’t.”

To ensure there are no surprises regarding insurance take care to check your policy in depth and ask your travel guide or insurer of any questions you may have.

Offering up further advice to Britons eager to book their summer holidays for 2019, Ms Kingsley also warned holidaymakers seeking a bargain online should ensure they do their research and refuse to pay by bank transfer.

She also suggested they should double check the third party they are booking through is ABTA or ATOL protected.

Ms Kingsley added: “This is because you get a level of security with those when booking a trip.

“Just double check everything because if it looks too good to be true it usually is.

“They shouldn’t be relying on everything they see straight away, as holidaymakers should always do their background check and are doing their research.”



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