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Trump is holding a MAGA rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (Image: Getty)

The event is set to begin at 10.00pm local time (3am BST) and will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This is the 11th rally that Trump has done in Nevada and the seventh one in the Las Vegas since he first began his race for president in June 2015.

The US President wrote on Twitter this evening: “Landing in Las Vegas now for a Make America Great Again Rally supporting Dean Heller and Danny Tarkanian.

“Also doing interview there with Sean Hannity live on Fox News.

“Big crowd, long lines. Will be great!”

Live updates from the rally can be found below. All times are in BST.

04.14am update: Trump mentions Obama’s return to the campaign trail

The Pesident said that Barack Obama’s return to the campaign trail is “good news”.

“He’s campaigning again.

“That’s good news.

“Because if that doesn’t spur you on to work…”

He praised his administration for creating a number of manufacturing jobs as opposed to Obama who said manufacturing could not be brought back in the US. 

04.10am update: Trump comments on his decision to pull out the Paris Climate Accord. 

On June 1, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, sparking many dubious claims to support his decision.

During his speech tonight, he said: “The Paris climate accord… that was costing our country,

“We have the cleanest air in the world and the cleanest water.

“I am an environmentalist.

“I want clean water and clean air but i also want job coming into our country.”

04.07am update: American firebrand says he is NOT the President of the globe

Trump said that Americans voted to reject corrupt globalism.

He said:”Hey, I’m the president of the United States!

“I’m not. The president. Of the globe.”



Trump news, trump rally, trump las vegas rally, trump maga, trump nevada, donald trump,

Trump comaplained about “fake news” , the major Democrats’ ally (Image: -)

03.58am update: Trump complains about “fake news” 

Trump has once more attacked the media, complaining about their “fake news” and their coverage of Republicans. 

The President said that without the media, Democrats would not get half of the votes.

He said about the way news organisation cover his presidency: “They will take a great story and make it as bad as possible.

“They will take an okay story and make it horrible.”

03.51am update: President says “the wall” is not ready because of the Democrats

Trump has blamed the Democrats for not completing the wall between Mexico and the US he promised during his 2016 presidential campaign.

He said “sections” have been built, but only $1.6 billion was approved because of the “Democrats obstruction”. 

However, he added: “I have been told that after the election, we will get that wall.”

03.45am update: Trump admits he had a “rocky” relationship with Dean Heller

Trump said that Heller has been a tremendous supporter ever since he became President but his relationship with him has not always been all rosy.

He said about the incumbent Senator: “We started out, we weren’t friends.

“I didn’t like him, he didn’t like me.”

“The fact is, he has been a tremendous supporter ever since I’ve won the election.”

03.37am update: Trump defends his Supreme Court nominee accused of sexual assault

The President has defended and praised Brett Kavanaugh, his Supreme Court nominee, recently accused of sexual assault during his teenage years. 

“One of the reasons I was elected it is because you believed I was going to pick great Supreme Court Justice. 

“And Kavanaugh Bret is one of the finest human beings you will have the privilege of knowing or meeting. 

“A great intellect, a great gentleman an impeccable reputation.”

Trump news, trump rally, trump las vegas rally, trump maga, trump nevada, donald trump,

Trump said Brett Kavanaugh is a “fine man” (Image: -)

03.30am update: President claims US did not go to WAR with North Korea thanks to him 

Trump told his supporters about the progress made with North Korea.  

He said that “it looked like we were going to war with North Korea” now “we have fot our hostage back and there is no more nuclear testing”.

He added: “We are doing well.”

03.27am update: Trump immediately hits out against the media

The US President started his speech, claiming he is thrilled to be in Las Vegas and in Nevada. 

He said: “The people of Nevada love our country.

“Honour our values and always respect our great America flag.”

Then, looking at the media in the arena, he added: “Except from a lot of the fake news that you see from the people back here.”

03.23am update: Donald Trump arrives on stage 

Donald Trump is walking on stage while he greets his supporters.

The trademark song “God Bless the USA” is playing in the background.

03.19am update: Controversial speaker set to open rally

Conservative radio host and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root is set to open the MAGA rally.

He has been asked by the President himself.

Mr Root wrote on Twitter on Thursday: ““Big day today.

“I’m opening speaker for President of United States.

“President Trump mega rally at Las Vegas Convention Center to elect Nevada GOP ticket.

“Trump personally requested Wayne Root as opening speaker to welcome crowd.

“Thank you Mr. President.

“See you all tonight!”


Trump news, trump rally, trump las vegas rally, trump maga, trump nevada, donald trump,

Trump said that Heller has been a tremendous supporter ever since he became President (Image: -)

03.15am update: Trump about to go on stage while Backstreet Boys’ song is playing

The President stopped to take pictures while the Backstreet Boys’ song “I want it that way” was playing in the background.

He should go up on stage any minute from now. 

The rally was scheduled to start 20 minutes ago. 

03.08am update: Huge crowd awaits for the President’s speech

Hundreds of people are awaiting for the President to come on stage and deliver his speech. 

Four hours before the rally began, more than 400 people were already lined up outside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

03.01am update: Trump arrives at MAGA rally in Las Vegas

The US President has arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

He is currently being interviewed live by Sean Hannity, who is hosting his Fox News show from the rally. 

He should start his speech shortly after. 


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