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A mountain slope collapsed in the province of Benguet sparking the landslide trapping 40 people who are believed to be local gold miners.

Rescuers raced to save lives but it is feared that the death toll could even rise.

Police Superintendent Pelita Tacio said rescuers were unable to save one man due to mud and rocks blocking accesss.

It is the latest incident caused by the which has already killed at least 29 people in the Philippines with its winds of 130mph.

President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to visit the affected areas on Sunday and inspect the damage.

Senior Superintendent Lyndon Mencio, the region’s chief of police, said: “There seems to be no signs of life.”

Disaster response coordinator Francis Tolentino said: “The landslides happened as some residents returned to their homes after the typhoon”.

The typhoon is thought to be the strongest storm of the year and its very strong winds have left devastation in its wake.

More than 250,000 people have been affected by storms in the Philippines and around half of those have been trying to find shelter in evacuation centres in the north of the country.

In Hong Kong, weather authorities issued their maximum alert for the storm as skyscrapers swayed in the wind.

The city has reported more than 100 people have been injured due to the mega storm.

China has called the typhoon the “king of storms” due to its power.

The typhoon is bringing winds of up to 100mph as it batters south China.

Thousands of locals have been evacuated from Guangdong and authorities have issued their highest warning alert.

It is thought to be the strongest storm of 2018.

Mangkhut is expected to get weaker and become a local depression by Tuesday as it continues to move inland.

The China’s People’s Liberation Army was put on standby in Macau and streets have been flooded.


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