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Meterological Agency called Trami a “very strong” storm.

Evacuation advisories are in place for more than 3.7 million people in 19 prefectures, according to state broadcaster NHK.

Western areas of Japan’s main island of Honshu lie in the direct path of the storm which is now lashing its southwestern tip.

Tokyo is not in the path of the category 2 storm but residents are reporting winds hitting the capital.

Hundreds of flights and train services have been cancelled or suspended along with most local trains and bullet trains.

Officials are urging people to avoid going outside to avoid the dangerous .

At least 53 people were injured by Trami as it barrelled through Okinawa and Kagoshima Prefectures yesterday, according to state broadcaster NHK.

More than 300,000 people there are still without power.

Here are all the latest updates as they happen. All times in BST.

9.45pm: Tokyo prepares to assess the damage

As Tokyo prepares to assess the damage of the overnight storm it is not known what time the city’s trains will start.

The Eastern Japan Railway took the unusual step of cancelling all services for most of Sunday.

However, trains are due to start again this morning at 6am, which is in five minutes time.

No word has yet come through on whether they will restart.

9pm: Japan wakes up – residents report huge winds

Tokyo residents are waking up after a night which saw the city battered by Typhoon Trami.

While the cyclone was not making a direct hit on the capital, many reported the affects of the storm. 

One resident wrote on Twitter: “Finally over, after an overnight banging on our roofs and doors. Thank God. It’s almost 5am here in #Tokyo, #Kanto area. A new day, and month, is dawning!”

While Seema KM wrote: “What a night! The winds are now gone and it’s quite outside!”

8.25pm: Japan warned of another typhoon on way

Experts have warned Japan is on the path of another typhoon – which could be the nation’s seventh of the season.

Typhoon Kong-rey is currently in the Pacific and could cause more damage to the disaster-hit region.

It currently has the strength of a Category 3 hurricane, Japan has been warned.

6pm: Nasa footage shows huge size of cyclone

Space agency Nasa has released images of Typhoon Trami from above.

The staggering size of the cyclone is highlighted by the shocking images taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.

Astronaut Alexander Gerst said: It looks as if somebody’s pulled the planet’s gigantic plug.”

Typhoon Trami photo from space

Typhoon Trami photo from space (Image: NASA)

5.42pm: Airline chaos revealed

Airlines cancelled more than 1,200 flights over the chaotic weather.

Kansai International Airport in Osaka, western Japan, which was heavily flooded by a typhoon in early September, said it had closed its runways from 11 a.m. (0200 GMT) on Sunday until 6amon Monday.

The airport only fully reopened on September 21.

5.15pm: Woman in 60s missing – more than 80 injured

A woman in her 60s has been reported missing in the Miyazaki prefecture of southern Hapan after being washed away in a paddy irrigation channel, according to NHK.

More than 80 people were injured, it also said.

Japan Meteorological Agency issued warnings of landslides and flooding from possible storm surges.

Typhoon Trami: Map shows the latest path for the weather warning

Typhoon Trami: Map shows the latest path for the weather warning (Image: JMA)

4.30pm:  Witnesses in Tokyo report ‘noisy gusts’

One witness from Tokyo has revealed the extent of the gusts hitting the region.

Writing to Japan Times, the resident of the Hiroo district of the capital, said: “Really noisy wind gusts and rain in Hiroo 3 chome. Never heard anything like it!! Very happy not to be outside. I hope everyone stays safe!!”

Another Tokyo resident Jean-Yves Jault wrote on Twitter: “Wind so strong right now I can feel air pressure changes in my ears inside my well-insulated Tokyo apartment, on the ground floor #TyphoonTrami”

3.55pm: Typhoon downgraded to ‘strong typhoon’ from ‘very strong typhoon’

NHK meteorologist Carley Gomez confirmed the typhoon had been downgraded in the last hour.

But she added, “we are still seeing very strong winds and that will continue shifting across most of Japan.”

The meterologist added the outer eyewalls of the storm are now starting to hit Tokyo, with the storm expected to pass about 3am.

Heavy rains will then pound Tokyo with about 300mm of rainfall expected to hit on Monday night.

3.40pm: Power outages affecting thousands in Kanto, northeast side of Honshu

About 19,000 properties are without power in Kanto, according to NHK.

Yamanshi Prefecture is the worst affected with 8,600 buildings currently without power.

2.55pm: Torrential rain is pounding central Honshu

Rainfall radar taken from Japan Meteorological Agency at 2.40pm BST (10.40pm local time) shows more than 80mm of rain battering the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.

Trami is moving slowly northeast as it crosses over Honshu.

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Rainfall radar

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Rainfall radar at 2.40pm BST (Image: Japan Meteorological Agency)

1.40pm: Tornado warnings issued in several prefectures on Honshu island.

The warnings are normally in effect for at least an hour after being made.

Weather officials are also warning residents to be alert for landslides, flooding and river rises.

1.20pm: Latest wind speeds

Trami was packing maximum wind gusts of 138mph and 97.8mph maximum sustained winds at about 1pm BST (9pm local time), JMA said.

The meteorological agency says the tropical remains “very strong”.

12.55pm: What is the travel advice from the Foreign Office?

The latest travel advice updated today on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website reads: “Typhoon Trami is forecast to affect a wide area of Japan until 2 October bringing excessive rainfall, strong winds and possible disruption of essential services.

“If you’re in affected areas, monitor local news reports and follow the advice of local authorities and emergency services including any evacuation orders.”

The British Embassy Tokyo has not issued any separate advisories or warnings.

12.35pm: Trami has made landfall in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan

The storm made landfall near the city of Tanabe, according to Japanese media reports.

People are being advised to brace themselves for “extremely strong winds and torrential rain”, NHK said.

11.55am: Emergency phrase cards in six foreign languages issued to travellers in Japan

Non-Japanese speakers stranded by Typhoon Trami have been urged to download one of the emergency phrase cards made available online.

The cards have been made available in six languages – English, Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese – and people can point to phrases on the card if they need emergency support.

The cards are available to download from the website of Ehime Prefecture International Center – first select your language along the top bar.

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Woman

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: A woman struggles to stay upright on Kyushu island (Image: AFP/Getty)

11.15am: Where is Trami now?

Trami was located 18.6 miles (30km) east-northeast of Cape Muroto in Shikoku, according to JMA’s latest update at 10am BST (7pm local time).

Winds gusts of 97mph were recorded at the storm’s centre while the maximum wind speeds were 138mph.

The storm is expected to make landfall in Wakayama Prefecture within about an hour or two.

11.01am: Trami on course to become ‘powerful extropical cyclone’

National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center tweeted: “#Trami is forecast to become a powerful extratropical cyclone. The strongest former typhoon in that area this time of year (since 1974) was named Elsie. On Oct 3, 1981, its central pressure was 936 hPa northeast of Japan, depicted by satellite & NMC surface analysis at 1200 UTC.”

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Honshu

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Trami is now heading over Japan’s main island of Honshu (Image: Getty/Reuters)

10.40am: Live webcams and weather maps show Wakayama Prefecture in Honshu’s south being battered by Trami

Winds are now starting to hit the southwest side of Honshu in Wakayama Prefecture.

A web camera in Minabe, in the northern part of Wakayama Prefecture, is recording torrential rain and high winds lashing the small town.

Live map simulation Windy.com is also showing the winds making landfall over Kansai, Honshu’s central-southern region.

9.55am: Storm surge from Trami could be equivalent as Typhoon Vera – Japan’s worst storm in history

The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) is warning Trami’s storm surge could be on par with Typhoon Vera, regarded as the strongest and deadliest storm to ever hit Japan.

Typhoon Vera, known locally as Isewan Typhoon, killed more than 5,000 people when it hit Japan with 190mph winds in 1959.

JMA’s Nagoya office issued the warning this morning at a news conference. 

9.49am: Nature extreme weather reporter warns of Trami’s strong power

Storm documenter James Reynolds, who is following Typhoon Trami’s progress, says it has caused more power outages than previous typhoons.

Mr Reynolds shared video footage of the “wild” weather as it hit Okinawa.

He tweeted: “Loads more power outages around Okinawa than I remember from previous typhoons. Damage mostly superficial though. These trees near airport got stripped bare plus some damage to a shop #typhoon #Trami”

He tweeted: “Loads more power outages aroun Okinawa than I remember from previous typhoons. Damage mostly superficial though. These trees near airport got stripped bare plus some damage to a shop #typhoon #Trami

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates:

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Heavy rainfall is forecast for western Japan (Image: Accuweather)

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Where the storm is located now (Image: Japan Meteorological Agency)

9.35am: What is the latest situation in Okinawa?

At least 52 people were injured as Trami tore through Okinawa and Kagoshima Prefectures.

Most of the injuries were caused by flying glass and including a man in his thirties who suffered a severe cut to his leg.

No deaths have been recorded.

About 300,000 households are still without power in the regions.

9.30am: All Tokyo train services to be suspended because of Trami

Train services in Tokyo will be cancelled from 12pm BST (8pm local time) in advance of Trami’s arrival.

East Japan Railway Co, which operates the major railway lines in the capital, has taken the “highly unusual step of suspending all train services in the Tokyo area”, as reported by The Japan Times.

Trami has already resulted in numerous train and plane service cancellations across western Japan.

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Storm path

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Trami’s projected path through Japan (Image: Global Disaster Alert and Co-ordination System)

9.21am: Strong wind gusts hit Miyazaki 

Images show powerful wind guests have reached Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu.

Palm trees can be seen bending sideways due to the force of the winds while rain pounds the ground.

9.10am: Bullet trains have been halted ahead of the storm’s arrival

All services running along the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train connecting Tokyo and Shin-Osaka have now halted until the storm passes.

The last trains arriving at Tokyo and Mishima stopped at 9am (5pm local time).

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Palm trees

Typhoon Trami tracker LIVE updates: Palm trees being bent by the strong winds (Image: The Asahi Shimbun via Getty)

8.55am update: Where is Typhoon Trami now?

Typhoon Trami is churning just southwest off Shikoku island and is expected to make landfall on mainland Japan in the coming hours. 

Japan Meterological Agency is warning the storm is “very strong”.

State broadcaster NHK said concerns have been raised that “wind intensities could reach record levels”.


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