What to Take on Your Winter Road Trip



One of the greatest of summer joys — hopping in the car and going for a ride — becomes complicated when temperatures drop and snow starts falling. Locks freeze, windshields ice up, batteries give up the ghost. Roadside emergencies that might, in better weather, be mildly embarrassing — getting stuck on a soft shoulder, say — can be more difficult to deal with and even dangerous. If you’re heading out on a winter road trip, take along these essentials and be prepared.

This tool provides lots of leverage, a razor-sharp scraper for ice, a brush to clear off snow-covered mirrors, and a squeegee for slushy, dirty windshields.

Bring a good outdoor blanket to warm cold feet or comfort complaining children. This one is stain — and dirt — repellent, perfect for car use.

Cold temperatures sap your battery’s power while thickening your engine’s oil, both of which make it harder to turn the engine over — a double whammy.

Lock frozen? Dab a little hand sanitizer on your key, carefully work it into the keyhole, and the alcohol will melt the ice.



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