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Billie Eilish has been rocking neon on stage this year

Seen at festivals, universities, and parading through the Love Island villa – neon fashion is everywhere.

But is it just a passing trend… or more than that?

Fluorescent clothes and accessories were popular on a number of designer catwalks this year – think Gucci, Versace, Prada – and, unsurprisingly, it’s a trend that headed straight for the high street.

Everyone from Little Mix to Dua Lipa to the Queen have been getting involved.

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Little Mix on stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

While neutrals, darks and pastels have dominated the fashion scene over the past few years, the sudden surge of neon has led to comparisons with the 80s.

But this isn’t the first time fluoro’s returned.

There was a brief return to ultra-brights in the early 2000s, thanks to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

In 2007, neon blew up again – as new rave indie-electronica music gained a scene.

Right now, a search for “neon” on Asos.com brings up 1,343 options.

The company’s Head of Design for Womenswear Melika Imoru says their neon satin skirt and neon maxi dress have both sold out.

“Neon colour spectrums are the key palette of the season. We’ve really backed neon across clothing, footwear and accessories – and seen great reactions.”

24-year-old Divya Nambiar from London told Radio 1 Newsbeat she didn’t wear anything neon-coloured until this year.

“Last year I barely saw it in stores and now everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon and it’s everywhere.

“It comes in ribbed, it comes in crop tops, lacy things… and there’s different neon colours now.”

Little Mix all wore neon green at Radio 1’s Big Weekend last month – and Divya thinks part of the trend is down to celebrity and Instagram culture.

“I’ve seen loads of Love Island people wearing it, Mabel – so many.”

“I think it’s a way to get more followers – if you’re following the most recent trends, people want to keep up with you because they know you’re up to date.

“I’d follow someone who’s wearing neon stuff, because I’d think ‘oh that’s cute, I wonder what they’re going to wear next’.”

“I think it’ll be fashionable for the next four, five months – until Summer’s over. Next Summer it’ll be something different,” she adds.

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Fashion blogger Katie Kay hopes brights are here to stay

Fashion blogger Katie Kay – known online as Instant Goddess – told Newsbeat she thinks there’s more to it than just looking cool.

“I’m a great fan of dressing happy from a psychological standpoint – it’s good for the mindset.

“You put on a bright colour and it makes you feel happy… they catch your attention when you walk in-store – you’re drawn to them.”

However, Katie thinks the neon trend isn’t forever.

“I hope colour’s here to stay – but I think as you get into the cooler months, the colour palette does change.”

She says don’t expect things to be too boring though.

“It becomes darker, but it becomes a bit more sparkly as well.”

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